How to Make Your Own Baking Strips

Baking strips are the best to bake flat cakes with a very nice cake edge, very important if you are doing a popular naked or semi-naked cake. See how we made our very own baking strips.
At this stage, my husband is looking over my shoulder and read my blog post title. He says “I know how to do that. You go to the shop and buy baking strips”. Ha ha, very funny hubby! And he add “Who needs to bake a cake anyway? You can buy them at the shop!” That’s what happens when you are spoiled with home cooking and baking! He couldn’t make one himself!

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Enough joking around, let’s get into the topic!

You will need:
– bath towel
– measuring tape
– scissor
– iron board and iron
– sewing machine and thread
– safety pins

  1. Buy a bath towel (because they are usually cheaper than towelling fabric for some reason). The size I used was approx. 30 x 56 in.
  2. Cut it in strips of about 5.5-6 in wide if you bake cakes in thinner layers of about 1 inches. It gave me 5 strips. *If you bake taller cakes, use the height of your finished cake layer times 2 and add 1 inches (for example if you bake 3 in tall layer of cake, cut strips of 7 in)
  3. Cut to the desired length. To do so, wrap the towel strip around your cake tin and leave a good 3 in extra. I’ve cut 4 of mine to fit my 8 in tins because it’s the size I use the most (and yes I bake 4 at the time, read how I do it here). I can also use this for smaller tins. The last strip I’ve cut for a 10 in tin. If I need for a bigger size I can always join 2 strips together with a safety pin to fit.
  4. Fold the strips in 2 and iron them.Baking Strips Fold and Iron
  5. Sew the edges lengthways. Try to be as close as possible to the edge. I try to align the towel with the foot of my sewing machine. Sew one end as well.Baking Strips Sewing
  6. Now, this is the trickiest part. You need to turn the strip inside out. There is no magic method for that. Once I’ve pushed about half of the strip inside, I use a wooden spoon or something with a long handle to push the rest out. Baking Strips Turning inside out
  7. Turn the open edge inside and iron it. Sew this last edge. Almost there!
  8. Before using them, wash the strips in the washing machine. Let them dry if you don’t use them straight away. My 4 strips drying in the glorious morning sun 🙂Baking Strips Drying
  9. To use, wet the towel strip with cold water, wring the excess water out and wrap it around your tin. Use safety pins to attached them around the tin. Baking Strips Safety Pin around the tin
  10. Here is the result 🙂 rHdV0lINSwu+a6ltqTqu6g_thumb_589

How to make your own baking strips to bake flat cakes


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