I am from the province of Quebec in Canada. I grew up cooking, baking and eating yummy food with my family. My maternal grandfather was a chef patissier and my paternal grandmother is an excellent cook and baker. I’ve got baking in my blood! I use my mum secret recipes for the sugar pie and the cream fudge.
Back home we use a lot of butter, cream, sugar and maple syrup. I guess it’s to go through long and cold winters!

Nanaimo Bars – Nuts, Coconut & Chocolate (Barres Nanaimo) $32 for 16 bars (2.5x9cm) or 8 triangles (5x9cm)
Nun’s Farts – Chocolate & Coconut scrolls (Pets de sœur) $0.50 each (minimum of 40 pieces)
Maple Cream Fudge (Sucre à la crème à l’érable) $30 for 48 pieces (800g)
Chocolate Fudge (Fudge) $30 for 48 pieces
Sugar Pie (Tarte au Sucre) $25 or 2 for $48
Queen Elizabeth Cake – Dates & Coconut (Gâteau Reine-Élizabeth) $30, serves 9


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