Cake Tasting

We offer different options of cake tasting to suit your needs.

To be eligible to a cake tasting you must first receive a quote. Click here to fill the inquiry form.

Option 1. FREE cake tasting

Offered once every two months in a take away box of 4 cupcakes
4 flavours of cake + 4 flavours of buttercream
Upcoming tastings:

Sunday 29th July 2017:
– Vanilla cake + Strawberry buttercream
– Chocolate & orange cake + Vanilla buttercream
– Coconut & white chocolate mud cake + Coconut buttercream
– Caramel mud cake + White chocolate buttercream

Sunday 1st October 2017:
– White chocolate mud cake + Passion fruit buttercream
– Chocolate cake + Salted caramel buttercream
– Red velvet cake + White chocolate buttercream
– Caramel cake + Chocolate Buttercream
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Option 2. Cake consultation

Offered on a date and time that suits you. Tasting and consultation of 30 to 45 minutes
3 flavours of cake + 3 flavours of buttercream of your choice

2 flavours of cake + 2 flavours of buttercream of your choice

Option 3. Small cake

Small cake serving up to 6 people.
1 flavour of cake + up to 3 buttercream
Plain decorations