Do you need to increase cooking time or temperature for two cakes?

The short answer in no!

And yes you can bake two cakes at once in the oven. Isn’t a good news?! Save time and power. There are a few steps to follow to ensure the cakes will cook properly. You need to ideally use the same batter or the same type of cake who will cook at the same temperature. This means it will not give the best results if you bake a mud cake and a sponge cake at the same time because they don’t require the same temperature. To read all my tips about baking two cakes at the same time in the oven, check out this blog post with over 400 weekly views.

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Best Recipes For Caramel Drizzle Cake

No one likes a caramel drizzle cake with the drip down all way to the cake board, making caramel puddle. Today I share with you two recipes to create the perfect caramel drizzle. The first recipe is from scratch and the second one is a bit of a cheat but gives great results. Continue reading “Best Recipes For Caramel Drizzle Cake”

How to Use Copha for a Perfect Pipeable Frosting

Have you ever heard of Copha? If you live in a hot climate somewhere in Australia and make cakes, Copha will be your saviour! This will help your buttercream or frosting hold off better in extreme temperatures. It also makes a whiter buttercream. Copha is a close equivalent to shortening (hydrogenated vegetable oil) and is used for similar properties. Continue reading “How to Use Copha for a Perfect Pipeable Frosting”

How to Bake Flat Cakes

Baking a flat cake is the dream of many decorators starting a cake business or for people wanting to create perfect cakes for their friends and family. No dome or funny shape. A perfect level cake is ideal. First of all, why would you want to bake a flat cake? Because it’s easier to ice and to achieve sharp edges. Also, if there is a dome on your cake, you will cut the top off to make it more manageable to ice and decorated. This ends up being a big waste at the end of the year. And what do you do with the cake cut offs? That’s right, you eat it! So having flat cakes can be beneficial for your waist too! Continue reading “How to Bake Flat Cakes”