My Recipe for cake release (cake goop)

This has to be the best kept baking secret… Until today!

Many cake recipes ask you to “grease and flour the tin”. In reality, it doesn’t give a very neat finish to the edge of the cake. 


When you have a naked cake to do,  you panic and need a solution to have less crumbs in your icing. The good news is you probably already have all the ingredient needed for this cake release recipe. To make your own cake release, you will need equal parts (in volume) of vegetable oil, shortening and plain flour. 


I  use a quarter cup of each, this way I have enough for a few baking sessions. Here is my recipe:

. 1/4 cup (50g) vegetable oil

. 1/4 cup (50g) shortening (Copha, soften)

. 1/4 cup (35g) plain flour

Put the 3 ingredients in the mixer and blend well. Use a brush it to apply it to the cake tin (bottom + side).   

3    4

For cake under 8 in (20 cm), I don’t use a baking paper on the bottom but it’s better to use some for cakes over that size. I’m lazy and don’t cut my baking paper in a perfectly round to cover the whole bottom of the tin (plus you won’t waste as much paper). This cake release is so good it will still work. 

Let it sit the cake for 10 minutes once you took it out of the oven. It just magically comes out! See the video here.


The Cake Goop works better with sponge cakes than mud cakes.

See my post with extended explanations here.

– Tracy from Sugar Treat Home Baking –

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