How to do a number 3 cake without a bundt mold

Everyone needs a number 3 cake at some point in his life. Third birthday party, third wedding anniversary, turning 30 and the list goes on.

So you want to do a number 3 cake but you don’t have a Bundt mould. Easy!  All you need is:
. round cake moulds
. ruler
. long office knife
. bread knife / serrated knife

Bake and remove your cake from the mould as usual. You will need 2 round cakes (check out our hands on tips on how to bake 2 cakes at once in the same oven or how to bake flat cakes).
I have used 22 cm round.
Let cool down completely.
Stack both cakes on top of each other. With your ruler make a few marks with a office knife at 7 cm from the border (probably 4-5 cm if you are using a smaller mould). Cut a round in the middle using the office knife. By cutting both cake at the same time, you will be sure to have 2 identical cakes.

Cuting holes

Remove the middle of each cake.

Removing the center

Now, the important bit: cutting the cake into a 3. Use a bread knife.
You need to cut 3.5 cm off each cake (cut #1).
Then cut the middle section (cut #2) from the previous cut.
Cut the top of one cake in a 45ish degrees angle (cut#3). This will be the top part of your 3.
Finally cut the lower section at a 90 degrees angle (cut #4). This will be the bottom part of your 3.
Cutting the cakes

If you want you can cut the cake horizontally with a bread knife to put some filling in the middle.
It’s time to assemble your cake!
Number 3 cake
Here is my finished cake for our 3rd wedding anniversary 🙂

Number 3 cake finish



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